Proven LED technology from RAB is now available indoors. With energy savings up to 60%, industry leading long life and utility rebates available, it's an easy decision to upgrade to RAB LED.
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Low profile. High performance.

The high performance GLED will yield a higher light output than its HID equivalent,
maximizing spacing criterion with up to 25% reduction in fixture count.
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High performance at an affordable price.

Now replacing 250W metal halide. Designed to perform at a price that makes sense.
Get quick payback through a 70% reduction in maintenance and energy costs
compared to conventional metal halide systems.
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SLIM large wallpacks deliver high output, high efficiency light with a design that covers the footprint of most traditional wallpacks. Up to 78LPW and replaces up to 320W MH.
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The SLIM wallpack delivers up to 97 lumens per watt in a compact design that's super easy to install. Replaces up to 175W metal halide at mounting heights from 8 - 22ft. DLC approved (excluding 26W in warm color temperature).
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Pole top LED area light with Type V optics produces a round distribution which is perfect for parking lots and pathways. Cutting edge LED technology provides maintenance-free operation combined with significant reduction in energy consumption.
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Designed to replace up to 250W metal halide while reducing energy consumption by up to 70%. The wide flood distribution FXLED78 delivers nearly 6,000 lumens. Patent pending heat management technology leads to longer life span and higher light output.
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100,000 hours.

TM-21 calculations are in, and the L70
lifespan for RAB LED is rated at 100,000
hours. With an average daily use of 10 hours,
all of our LEDs are rated to last for 27 years.

Utility rebates.

Many RAB fixtures are listed on the DesignLights
Consortium (DLC) Qualified Product List. DLC is a
group of utilities responsible for determining which
energy efficient products should be eligible for rebates.

Need it fast? No problem.

RAB has a huge distributon network with over
5,000 electrical distributos in the United States.
30 warehouses across the country ensure what
you need is near your job site and ready to ship.

No-compromise warranty.

Simple, comprehensive and valuable. The RAB LED warranty ensures that your investment is protected. We warranty light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish put into simple terms that are easy to understand.